About Zjunk.net

The name Zjunk came from the filename I frequently used for temporary output during programming sessions. The output was typically just junk that would be deleted but I put a "Z" on the front so that it would end up as the last item in a directory listing. I would also know that when I found a file named zjunk, I could delete it without fear of it being important. When looking for a domain name, I found that it was unused.

At the moment, zjunk.net is pointing to a Raspberry Pi computer that has 2 gigabyte of ram and 1.5Ghz quad core ARM processor. Technically it is a Raspberry Pi 4B. The connection to the real world is provided by Allo with a 1Gbps up and down connection. Storage is a simple 1T external drive. None of this stuff is fast, but it also doesn't take much power to make it go. Many of the pages are simple with no fancy stuff to keep bandwidth low. The exception is the Wordpress Blog, some of the photos can get big.

The system has been created so that a few relatives and friends can keep track of our travels over the summer. As long as the bandwidth holds up you are welcome to follow along.


Last update 10/15/2019