August 2nd 2016 It is a long way home.


Cafe De La Gare

Timeline of heading home from Ranamafana, Madagascar

3:15 woke up
4:15 got out of bed
5:00 loaded up
5:16 headed out
6:07 hit highway 7
6:48 364K to Tana
7:03 stop for gas
7:24 moving again
8:06 312K to Tana
8:22 300K to Tana
9:00 Ambositra
9:12 hotel where we spent the night going down. Paused
9:17 moving again
9:19 souvenir shop
9:52 moving again
10:12 238K
10:53 200K
11:45 stopped for lunch, cheese pizza
12:38 back on the road
12:48 160Km
14:08 73Km
14:23 60Km
15:40 MBP (Madagascar Biodiversity Project)
16:50 left MBP to drop off translators
18:20 got to Cafe De La Gare
21:00 left dinner, need to get gas
21:22 at gas station by airport

## 8/3/16 Wednesday
1:45 Flights home.
Had a window seat and got moved to isle.
Watched a movie
4:50am Tana time tried to sleep
7:30am Woke feeling better
4:15pm (Paris time) off to Atlanta
1:25pm CST attempted a nap
3:30pm back up after 2 hour
11:15pm CST arrived in Omaha
12:30am CST arrived in Lincoln