July 4th 2013 Still flying.

We had our expected 2 hour layover in Paris and boarded the plane on time, but some connecting flights must have been an issue and we didn’t get off the ground until 11:30, a full hour late.  Looks like we will be in Madagascar about 10:30pm 7/4.  The 777-300 we are flying in is huge.  Each row is 3 isle 4 isle 3.  I am in row 32 with Libby directly in front of me but there are more rows behind me than in front.  The students are all up about row 20.

The dinner they fed us was rather impressive, at least by what I am used to in airlines.  It included water, 2 rolls, chicken main dish, some sort of pasta, small wedge of cheese, and even small bottle of wine.  The girl in the window seat was not happy with the wine because it was cold, merlot needs to be room temperature.

Watching the world go by on a monitor, it is a geography lesson.  Still have 3:30 to go before we get there.    Now over Africa, the plane has a camera mounted and the video is fed to the display in front of me.  The resolution sorta sucks.  It is getting dark outside again and I feel like I have been on the plane forever.  A very pleasant student from France has the window seat and the center seat is empty.  Her English was way better than my French, but I could only catch about half of what she was saying.  Still haven’t watched any full movies.  We are catching a bit of turbulence.  Attempting not to sleep any more, not that I got that much, maybe an hour and a half.

10:00pm Last meal of the day, I am tired of being in the plane.

10:40pm in Madagascar, The bags are taking a long time to get unloaded.  This was followed by another 45 minutes to get money exchanged.  Thirty minute drive to hotel and it is 5:40pm at home and 1:30am here. The room is simple but ok.  I do get a quick shower tonight.