July 29th 2013 Home


Boarded and sitting on the plane, but doors didn’t close till 1:30.  First meal was served as soon as everything was stable.  Chicken and pasta with bread and cheese.  Plugged in my headphones to kill background noise.  Managed to sleep for well over 4 hours.  Up again, my bottom was hurting for sitting so long.  Got up and stood around for 15 minutes or so.  Landed in Paris 10:49 local time, but it took 40 minutes to get off the plane.  Libby has premier status so we sat in the fancy lounge.  All the students left for another 10 days in Europe.  The wifi was very good and I texted Antje until about the time I needed to leave.  We boarded the plane about 1:20pm.  I am in seat 33J on an Airbus A 340-300.  That puts my feet up agains a bulk head so I have a bit less storage, but I don’t need it anyway.  We didn’t get wheels off the ground until 2:40pm, 50 minutes late.  But the trip computer still shows that we will arrive on time at 4:00.  Going over Greenland was very impressive, I managed to take several photos with the 6D.  We crossed over it about 12 noon central time.  I am so tired of being in a plane, but have one more flight.  We got in a few minutes late and we only had 90 minutes to get through customs.  Six of the seven bags made it.  We think the 7th bag (Libby’s) didn’t because the guy who helped us get through customs didn’t wanted to be paid again and Libby refused.  He likely had someone behind the counter delay her bag.  Attempting to deal with everything left us thinking we might miss our flight, but we made it on time.  Push back was at 5:35pm. The flight to Omaha was shorter than expected with a very happy girlfriend waiting for me.  My bag got lost on the last leg.  Quick drive home, got there at 8:45pm, 45.5 hours after I left Kianjavato.  Antje fixed salads for dinner.
To bed early.