Saturday July 5 – Lincoln to Aurora

After a perfect Fourth of July (the first we got to spend together), spent partly in Beatrice, partly in Lincoln watching the private fireworks all over the city from the roof garden, we got out of Lincoln about 9:30 Saturday morning. The trip was uneventful (I-80, I-76, the ), and we arrived 4:15 at Mark’s cousin’s house in Aurora, outside of Denver. We hung out and talked until about 7, when we met up with friends of theirs, Mark and Chris, and we all had dinner at a pizza/brew pub called the Breweria. The pizza was good and we had a good time, the six of us finishing up the evening with hanging out at Stan and Kathy’s place, talking about family, favorite books and life events, and trying to make friends with the cats, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.