Thursday, May 30 – Friday, May 31 – Prelude



Kai and I packed on Thursday, and left for Lincoln around 4 pm. We met up with Mark just before 6 pm, and he and I went out to have dinner at Noodles and bring Kai some food back to the apartment. The weather was very stormy and we had buckets full of rain, which Mark and I watched from under the awning at the Centerstone building, while cars were being dinged by hail and people got sopping wet during a drenching 20-minute downpour. 

We finished packing Friday morning and got the car serviced (it was due at 5,000 miles, which we just hit on Thursday). Kai and I also ran a few errands, and in the afternoon, we met up with the Neddermans and their friend/my former student Nicole Wells, since they were in town, and later went for a little walk with Kai. At night, we all went to the wedding of two former students, now in graduate school at Indiana (this is also why the Neddermans and Nicole were in town). The reception was in a snazzy faux log-cabin country club and a lot of fun. The Babcocks and the Amyots were there, as well as a bunch of students I hadn’t seen in forever (Lane and Jen, the newlyweds, graduated in 2007). There was also dancing, and Mark and I had a wonderful time with that – eventually, even Kai, who had said he would absolutely not dance, got on the dance floor with Emily Amyot and Carl Babcock. We were not home until 11:30! 


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